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When it comes to commercial roofing Adept Contractors, Inc. is a leader and innovator that brings experienced and understanding that helps customize and adapt various roofing systems to your building structure. We understand the diverse and unique nature of each commercial establishment and pride ourself in offering our customers a wide range of solutions that meet their individual needs.

Customized roofing solutions

Competitive pricing

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In our gallery  you'll find examples of our cutting edge single-ply roofing systems utilizing EPDM, TPO, and PVC Membranes in a variety of reflective colors.


We also specialize in slope roofs, including standing seam metal, copper, tile slate, and  traditional wood shakes.

Advanced technology

Track Record of Excellence

The appropriate roof system are customized to fit your building requirements and budget.

Therefore, all considerations are factored in before we make our recomendation. We are here to help you understand those considerations, through cost, and value associated with this investment. We understand that by making an informed business decision you will realize the best long term value for your money.


Lifetime investments

Licensed and insured

We have installed millions of square feet and have 1,000's of customers in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Save Money---Great Value---Superior Roofs

The right decision can save money long term. We informed you of all factors to consider when making a decison about your roof. We are here to help you make the right value choice.


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Building trust with our clients since 1975.